Orson Ales

La Vallée des Saints

Carnoët Rocks

The Valley of the Saints is a folly just up the road from Les Fous in Carnoët. Three metre high effigies of the founding saints of Brittany are carved in local granite. Sculptors are invited to submit designs. The aim is to create 40 new sculptures each year until there are 1000 statues.

The result is a global showcase of Breton Granite. Currently, 2000 jobs are at risk from the import of cheap Chinese granite into Europe. La Vallée des Saints celebrates the intertwining of 15 centuries of culture with the material that is at the very heart of the region.

"People need ambitious projects," Philip Abjean tells Ouest-France. "It takes a little insanity. The excess is typically Breton. Brittany is excellent at excess."

The first seven statues are of the founding saints of Brittany. St Pol-Aurélien, St Corentin, St Patern, St Brieuc, St Malo and St Samson look in the general direction of their home towns, St Tugdual is involved in an artistic dispute but should be joining them at some stage.

Find out more at The Valley of the Saints website.

UPDATE: January 2013

Twenty seven statues have now been erected at The Valley of the Saints.